About Us


Beginning, Purpose and Experience

Affordable Technology Solutions, LLC began on January 21, 2011, with the purpose of providing home and small business sales, technical support and systems administration. Not only did we work with home and small business owners, we ended up working with corporations such as International Paper and universities such as Norfolk State and Virginia State. We worked with Norfolk Police Department, the State of Virginia’s Southeastern Virginia Training Center and the Virginia Department of Health.


Growth and Development

With the growth of cloud based helpdesk support, software/data hosting, remote systems administration and virtualization, we had to reinvent ourselves and broaden our scope of occupational concentration. Not only do we still perform home/small business sales, technical support and systems administration, we have now adapted to the online cloud based model and are now looking at online content creators such as bloggers, writers, photographers, designers, programmers, and much more. We are promoting freelancing and entrepreneurship by posting job leads as well as self-employment, freelance and entrepreneurial tips, resources and potential gigs on our ATS Jobs Listing page.


Get Involved!

We, here at ATS understand the economic hardships ahead and our goal is to create jobs and provide opportunities for those who want to be successful in their career or in their endeavor at entrepreneurship. ATS is creating a platform for potential employees, contractors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, employers and college students to collaborate and share their ideas, their stories, their struggles and their success. We want to exchange job opportunities, training resources and the most important of all, keeping in contact by connecting on social media, blogs and/or forums. Together we can all help each other by recommending opportunities to others, posting resources that may help others in need of employment. We want freelancers to post samples of their work and have others critique and/or provide potential leads.

Everyone who has education and skills but are not gainfully employed can truly be successful and provide for themselves and their families by bringing their skill, work ethic, creativity and professionalism together to help build a platform where bloggers, designers, content creators, freelancers and skilled workers can come together and create opportunities for themselves. We would love to hear from everyone out there in need of financial stability who feels like we can do something about our current financial situation and make it better. We can all do something by building a social platform, sharing ideas, job leads and collaborating. Together we can create a smarter and more productive planet.

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